Ajay Harinath Singh – Biography

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Ajay Harinath Singh’s family specialised in the fields of mining, shipping, farming, and finance (the Singh family was considered one of the most powerful families in India during the 19th century). The  current Singh family (also known as the Rajkumar Thakurs) are descendents of Jubraj Singh (a court Thakur from Sultanpur who started a regional banking business in the 1930s). Singh was able to establish a national banking enterprise that were later transferred to his two sons. The family eventually became one of the wealthiest families in India.

Early Life

Ajay Harinath Singh (born 6th of November, 1980) is an Indian entrepreneur and philanthropist. Singh was born in Mumbai, and grew up in New Delhi. In 1997, he attended K M Doongursee College in Dadar. There he received a Bachelors degree. Singh then moved to London where he completed a Masters degree in 2005. During this time, Singh specialised in international finance.

Darwin Platform Group

Ajay Harinath Singh returned to Mumbai and worked for a number of companies. He subsequently founded the Darwin Platform Group of Companies in 2010, which primarily focused on oil and arm ammunition. The company quickly developed to a conglomerate specialising in banking, pharmaceuticals, finance, mining, information technology, airline services, and healthcare sectors.

Ajay Harinath is currently the chief executive officer and Chairman of the Darwin Platform Group, owning 96% of the company. He oversees several of the company’s branches in Russia,  Greece Italy, Ukraine, Germany and the UK.

Singh is also the president of Singh & Sons Holdings PLC. The company is currently involved in co-operations within the fields of mergers & acquisitions advisory in the food and agribusiness sectors.  Singh & Sons Holdings PLC is the flagship of the Darwin Platform Group of Companies and controls the Rothschild Group’s banking activities including N M Rothschild & Sons. The Indian-registered holding company has over 1200 employees.

Singh also manages shares in numerous Indian private banks, and owns an oil rig and refinery in Eastern Europe. The Darwin Platform Group currently constitutes one of India’s major conglomerate companies.

Philanthropic Projects

Singh has been involved in numerous philanthropic projects. Through the Darwin Group branch “Corporate Social Responsibility”, he devised a plan to build low cost hospitals in Latur (Maharashtra) and Bhuj (Gujarat). The project raised Rs250 Crore. The hospitals were design to target the needs of low-income families in these areas.


Ajay Harinath Singh is the President of the  All India National Democratic Congress Party . Singh served as a Managing director in the “All India National Democratic Congress Party”, representing Sultanpur (India). Singh is the first-ranked member of the party.


Ajay Harinath Singh is currently the Chief Operations Officer at Rothchild Group, Managing Director at the Russian Direct Investment Fund, and Senior Managing Director at Darwin Platform Group. In recent years, Singh has devoted his time to numerous philanthropic endeavours. He currently lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra.